How to use Password manager



✔ Display And Manage Access Details

✔ Display And Add Additional Access Details Of Owned Services

✔ Generate Random Passwords

✔ Share Access Details With Administrators

✔ Assign Categories To Access Details

✔ Restrict Access To Owned Passwords Using Master Password

✔ Restrict Contacts Access To Passwords

Note: All Passwords saved as "High-Level Security With Advanced Two-Way Encryption".

How to use:

  1. Go to Dashboard "Click here" and  Follow the step in next photo:

  2. By this page you can click on any categories 

  3.  By this page you can:

    Preview the password and use action buttons to manage the access details:

    1 Log into URL

    2 See the details

    3 Edit the details

    4 Remove the access details

  4. To add new password  please follow these steps:
    a. Click on "Add New"
    Type the new password name and enter access details into 'Username' and 'Password'. You can also generate random password.

    Optionally, provide 'Website URL' and 'Log In' URL to be allowed to log into your site directly from 'Password Manager' page.
    Leave a note if you need.

    c. You may now move to 'Sharing' section. There, you can decide which category the new access details will be assigned to.

    Choose one from the dropdown menu or select 'Unassign' to leave it without any category. Depending on the category you select, the access details will be available for those specified in its configuration.

    Additionally, define which actions can be made on shared passwords.
    Moreover, you can specify custom email addresses to share your credentials with other customers.

    d. Finally, in ' Notifications' section, set up conditions of delivering password notifications. Enable this option if needed and define when the reminders should be sent.

    You can also define whether you wish to receive the new password in the message.

    Do not forget to press 'Add' to finish

  5. Enable master password

    From now on, access to the 'Owned Passwords' section will require the master password
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