Will my rank be on Google?

Search engine ranking is largely determined by the kind of content you add to your site and the number of other high quality sites that link to your site. If you follow good practice, your site can do well.

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What kinds of content can I add to my site?

You can add:     Text     Images     Slideshows (Sliders)     Galleries     Facebook like button     Facebook comments     YouTube video     Google Map     Tweet this button     Twitter feed     LinkedIn Personal button     LinkedIn Business button     Button     Contact form     Signup form     Horizontal divider     Dropbox file link […]

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What’s so good about Website Roof builder?

Website Builder has many benefits including:     Easy and simple to use.     Full functionality on most iOS, Android and FireOS devices without the need to install an App.     Drag-and-drop functionality makes it easy to create varied page layouts.     All site management functionality is included. There are a lot of design template choices, […]

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