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About Broken Links Finder

A broken link is often known as a dead link. It is a link on a specific page that is already broken down or not working properly. There are several causes of broken links like-

  1. The website site is unavailable always 
  2. The web page is expired
  3. The link relocates to a new domain
  4. The link has been removed
  5. The internal link has been changed 
  6. Linking to content like- PDFs, videos, etc. has been moved or deleted

The Broken Links Finder is a very effective SEO tool that helps you to detect the broken links on a website.Broken links are not good for your website. Using the Broken Links Finder, you can scan your blogs and websites for any broken links. With the Broken Links Finder, you can also check as many webpages as you need to detect any broken links that are damaging your website ranking.