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What does auto renew mean? How do I change it?

If you want your domain name to auto-renew, but the auto renew is turned off:

login to your Just Host Control Panel,Select Domains from the menu.Select the domain(s) you want to modify.Select Renewal OptionsAuto-Renew, then click Save Changes.If you want the domain name to auto-renew, but the credit card information is no longer valid:Login to your Just Host Control Panel.Select Account from the menu.Then update your billing information from the Profile tab.

If there are errors in whois info, what do I do?

Login to your account. Select Domains from the menu. Select the domain you wish to modify. Select the Contacts tab. Update each contact to the correct information.

What happens if I don't renew my domain?

Approximately 60 days prior to the domain expiration date, we begin sending reminders to you by email to the email address you listed with us. You will be sent at least two reminders prior to the expiration date and one reminder within five days after expiration.If we are unable to secure payment on or before the domain renewal date, your domain name will expire.Upon expiration, your domain name will be deactivated and replaced with a parking page indicating the domain name has expired. Other services you have associated with the domain name may no longer function. If the domain is not renewed, it is considered abandoned. We may exercise the right to auction, sell, delete or dispose of the name at any time.

As early as 31 days after expiration, your domain name will enter a holding period and may be purchased by a third party. If a third party purchases the domain name during this time, the domain name will NOT be available for you to renew.As early as 44 days after expiration, if your domain has not been purchased by a third party, the domain will enter a 30-day Redemption Grace Period.

Can I point my website to your IP Address?

While possible, we don’t recommend this.  If/when we upgrade our server infrastructure, our IP address may change.  If that happens, and you don’t update your DNS beforehand, then your website could go offline.

To avoid this from ever happening, we point your domain using a CNAME instead.  This is the most future-proof way to ensure your website will continue to point to our server and keep your site online.

What’s the difference between domain name and web hosting?

Your domain name, is the name of your website, shown in the address bar on your browser.  For example,  Domain names are registered with a company. Typically, that’s the same company where you purchased the domain name from. Common examples of companies that sell domain name registrations are,,, and many others.

Web hosting is the service that is required to store your website and serve it to the general public. Essentially, this is where the files that make up your website “live”.

What is a domain name?

A domain name is the name people see in the address bar at the very top of their web browser.  Typically, it’s the name of your restaurant .com. For example,

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