Dedicated server: What is it and should you use it?

Dedicated server: What is it and should you use it?

If this is your new website, then you will be confused whether to get a dedicated server or shared one, but how can you choose? 

Knowing what is a dedicated server, the benefits and disadvantages you might get through it will be your first step to choose what’s better for your website.

What is a dedicated server?

A dedicated server, from its name, is a server that’s dedicated for your website, which means your website has its own server.

A shared server, means you will share the same server with more than one website.

Usually new websites start with shared hosting and then they move to a dedicated one when they start getting more traffic and need to have a dedicated server for their websites.

Dedicated server benefits

But what makes you choose a dedicated server?

  • Most powerful server

It is considered to be one of the most powerful servers along with cloud hosting, and that’s because you will have the whole server for you.

  • Can handle an increased traffic

When your website starts growing, it will start getting more traffic, and that means you will need a dedicated server to handle all of this traffic.

If you use shared hosting and start getting high traffic, your website’s performance might drop, which can lead to higher bounce rate and loss of revenue.

  • More secure 

Security is an important thing that you need to think of, especially if your website handels sensitive information, such as emails, credit card numbers and more.

Using a dedicated server will give you the complete charge over your website’s security, that means you can optimize it to be better.

  • Faster loading page

When you have a dedicated server, your website’s loading page will be faster, which will lead to a better user experience.

On the other hand, if you are using a shared hosting, you won’t be able to make your loading page faster.

  • You have control 

You will have control over your server when you have a dedicated one.

This is an important thing specially for big websites.

Disadvantages of dedicated server

After knowing the benefits of a dedicated server, it’s important to know the Disadvantages too:

  1. More expensive compared to a shared hosting
  2. Harder to use
  3. It’s better for big websites not small or new ones.
  4. You need to know about tech or have someone who knows about it.

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