Top 5 SEO Plugins

Top 5 SEO Plugins

Why you should have SEO plugin for your WordPress website? Search engines are the main cause of traffic for most websites on the internet. By choosing the right keywords and writing content according to them, your website will appear on top of search results. we will show you the Top 5 SEO Plugins

An SEO plugin helps you create a website that is search engine friendly. It helps you discover new audiences and get more traffic and sales from your website. Competitors improve their SEO to compete with you for rankings on search results.

Which SEO plugin you should have? 

Here are the best Top 5 SEO Plugins ranked by their features, performance, and simplicity of use. 

1- All in One SEO Pack

All in One SEO Pack Plugins

All in one SEO is just like its name! It’s not surprising to find All in One SEO Pack topping the SEO plugin lists for its simplicity and power.  All in One SEO Pack comes with massive features, like:

  • On-Page SEO Optimization
  • Smart Sitemaps
  • Schema Support
  • Webmaster Tools Connect
  • Google AMP
  • WooCommerce SEO
  • Video SEO Module
  • Social Media Integration
  • Automatic Search Engine Notification
  • Mobile friendly.

And many more.

2- WordPress SEO by Yoast

Yoast SEO Plugins

Yoast SEO plugin is a free plugin that offers you almost all of the features to optimize your website from SERP previews to XML sitemap creation. It is one of Top 5 SEO Plugins. It’s for Everyone! The plugin’s users range from beginners to the most popular sites on the internet.

What SEO Yoast include?

  • Title and meta description templating for better branding 
  • Optimize your AMP pages
  • advanced XML Sitemaps functionality
  • Automatically set canonical URLs

Yoast SEO plugin is famous for its readability analysis. It gives you:

  • SEO analysis
  • Readability analysis
  • Snippet preview 
  • An FAQ and HowTo block for the WordPress editor

3- Rank Math


You can’t list the best SEO plugins without including Rank Math plugin!

It the one which pulls off the huge effort of being feature-packed and user-friendly. The main feature that Rank Math has is its setup wizard that guides you through the installation process. But wait, you did not scroll down the list yet! 

So which features are exclusive to Rank Math SEO plugin?

  • Setup Wizard
  • Google Schema Markup aka Rich Snippets Integrated
  • Optimize Unlimited Keywords
  • Google Search Console Integration
  • Google Keyword Ranking
  • Optimal Settings Pre-Selected
  • LSI Keyword Tool Integrated
  • Add Overlay Icons On Social Images
  • Local Business SEO
  • 404 Monitor

Rank math is a game-changer for you if you smooth and easy plugins for its auto Configuration, 1-click import. 

4- The SEO Framework 

Framework WordPress

An interesting alternative to Yoast SEO is The SEO Framework.  

SEO Framework does the trick for users who are looking for a fast, lightweight plugin without any ads or upsells and for those who are spending less time with confusing SEO articles.  

Furthermore, free extensions are available for those who do want features such as AMP pages or removing the HTML tags. 

While the SEO Framework is a plugin that focuses on simplicity, here its main features: 

  • Title and meta descriptions
  • Canonical URLs
  • SEO score bar
  • Social sharing control
  • Open Graph information
  • XML Sitemaps
  • Breadcrumbs for Google
  • white label plugin; no ads, no nags. 

5- SEMRush


SemRush plugin is an SEO writing assistant used by professional SEO experts, marketers, bloggers, and businesses of all sizes. It provides you with instant recommendations for content optimization based on the qualities of Google’s top 10-ranking pages for your given keywords in a given location, which makes it a complete set of tools to increase the traffic on your website. 

SEMRush assists you to find organic keywords and search terms that improve your ranking and allows you to compare your them with the keywords of your competitors so you know how you beat them. 

Here you some of its main features: 

  • Overall score
  • Readability score
  • Target keywords
  • Recommended keywords
  • Tone of voice
  • Plagiarism
  • Linking

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