Things Your Web Hosting Plan Should Have

Things Your Web Hosting Plan Should Have

Are you looking for Web hosting?  When you choose your web hosting plan, you must consider the things it includes, but what are these things, and what does it even mean? Here are the 8 mandatory things your Web Hosting plan should have.

1- Domain Name, Cost, And Ownership

We know how excited you are to find your domain name free! Heartbeats to click on the purchase button so, you guarantee it for establishing your business in the online world. Probably, the users search for cheap hosting plans.

Before purchasing a domain, you must be aware of several things:

  • The Difference in Costs

The difference in cost comprises of two parts: the first year, and the upcoming years.

Simple math, Supplier A provides you with a website domain for 0.1 Cent for the first year and $25 annual cost for the second year and above. So far, you are paying $25.1 for the first two years.

While Competitor B offers you $8 annually, at any time you join this plan, that becomes $16 for the first two years.

No rocket science needed to figure out that, despite the fact of B charging you more for the first year, he will still be cheaper for the long term, which would be a better choice for you when it comes to domain suppliers.

  • Ownership Privacy

At the stage where you proceed with payments of any domain purchase, make sure that includes ownership privacy!

If you do not have domain ownership privacy at this point, it’s a big challenge you might be struggling with very soon when you expose your identity, your privacy, and personal security.

You should never purchase your domain without its privacy.

By scanning the markets, you’ll find not just competes with their prices but provides domain ownership for free at any purchase.

2- Unlimited Bandwidth

Before you decide on your web hosting plan, you should know more about unlimited bandwidth.

Bandwidth describes the rate of online data transfer. It measures how much data can travel over a specific connection in each amount of time.

If you go with limited GBs, you are limiting the traffic that goes through your website. Also, your website will go way slower or even go offline as soon as you reach your monthly limit!

As you know, websites have massive content, pictures, videos, and features that need tremendous space on the stream, which means you will need unlimited bandwidth.

Just for your comparison, personal email comes with 15 GB of space that might be so little by the increase of your usage and by loaded contents of your email! Think about how much more a website needs to function smoothly.

Furthermore, do you know how bad your website will be rated if you overreach your limit and you go offline suddenly? While new customers might look for quantity, retention consumers are fans of quality!

3- SSD Drives in All Our Packages 

SSD stands for Solid-State Drives, where you store your data.

Regardless of your Hard Disk space capacity, choosing an SSD drive will boost your website performance 12 times faster in terms of games, applications, and movie loads than regular hard disks.

Be aware not to confuse quality with quantity.

4- Security Included for Free 

Secured websites have more traffic on them as compared to unsecured websites since people are not afraid to press their links.

If the address bar of any web page starts with HTTPS, then you know it is encrypted by SSL (by the added “s”). If it does not, then you either have the wrong login page, or it is possibly a spoof website.

Do not waste your time considering any web hosting plan if it does not provide security since no one will trust your webpage in the first place.

Again, be aware of getting charged extra for securing your website.

5- Free SSL 

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. If you do not have an SSL, sending information over the internet will be extremely dangerous.

Consumers who are alarmed with pop up when streaming an untrusted site usually deny it and do not proceed.

That will not make you happy at all! You may spend thousands of dollars on very successful marketing campaigns resulting in ZERO conversion rate. That is because your website builder did not include the SSL Certificate when you purchased your web hosting plan.

6- Internal Backup

Imagine this; you wake up in the morning, and you cannot log in to your website.

Pop up: Access Denied! Or, you come to your home, trying to enter the main door, but none of your keys are working!

The database servers might be dysfunctional because of a power outage. No server means no website that means no data. Oh-oh! Your business and its foundation have gone in a blink of an eye! Your database, leads, account receivable, the financial report is gone.

My dear friend, if you do not have an internal backup offered with your website hosting plan, your chances of recovering from COVID 19 are much higher than recovering your website in the case; it crashes. 

But wait, even if you have an internal backup, make sure it is not manually, meaning you must do it daily by yourself. Otherwise, notice under your bill extra charges for making it automatically.

7- Servers Speed

While 400-700ms is considered an average and 200-350ms are fast, WebsiteRoof provides you with up to 50.08ms speed!!

Choose a hosting provider that has fast server speed because if you do not do so, you will lose visitors.

Firstly, losing consumers because time is money and consumers do not visit twice sites that take load times. Secondly, losing the website itself because of high traffic.

99.9% of website hosting provides never mention the speed they offer in their packages. It is never late to ask for more details about a product you are paying money to owe.

8- One-Click Install 

You do not have a technical background, but you want to build a website? No problem. Only make sure that your web hosting plan has a one-click install option.

One-click install enables you to create your new website easily without any technical knowledge and in one click only!

Are you ready to choose your web hosting plan now? Check WebsiteRoof packages from here, or contact us.

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